Seasoned Smashed Baby Red Potatoes

Memorial Day weekend was super relaxing…. Pretty Flower

Alright… but really I have a little bit of a confession to make…

No really I’m serious…  🙂


Honestly…  almost every type…

I cant get enough of them!!

Boiled, mashed, garlic, french fries, curly fries, jo jo potatoes, baked, scalloped, au gratin, potato chips, kettle chips, potato salad…

And all dipped in sour cream…. which just happens to be my favorite dip…

I cant help it….I’m glad I got that off my chest!!

The summer I went from 7th grade to 8th grade I ate a loaded baked potato almost every day… My mom warned me it would go straight to my booty but I didn’t care!!

I mean what a girl to do… An addiction is an addiction….

And these Seasoned Smashed Baby Red Potatoes are no different!! I use a few of my special seasonings in here 🙂

Seasoned Smashed Baby Red Potatoes


3lb bag of baby red potatoes

olive oil, for drizzling

salt/ pepper

crushed red pepper flakes

garlic powder

onion powder

Tuscan seasoning


  1. pre heat oven to 450 F
  2. wash/rinse potatoes, place in a good size pot and bring the potatoes to a boil.
  3. boil until soft/ able to fork easily
  4. line a baking sheet with tin foil, fish out your potatoes and use a potato smasher for a light smashing on the pan. — You dont want to smash it too hard and break it up too much
  5. once you got all of the potatoes on the pan and smashed stop to give them all a good drizzle with olive oil and season them generously with salt.
  6. sprinkle all the other seasonings on to really coat the potatoes
  7. put in the oven on the top rack until nice and crispy, about 25-30 mins

Baby Red Potatoes